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LEE | LAW has handled criminal matters as both a prosecutor and criminal defense attorney for 10 years. Attorney Lee has handled complex criminal litigation and has tried almost 90 Jury Trials and won almost 85. While this is no guarantee of future performance, it does show LEE | LAW's experience and ability to handle criminal trials to fight for you and/or your family. 


LEE | LAW has handled complex family law matters since 2009 and well-versed in Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody, Adoptions, and all matters arising when families separate. Attorney Lee has a great deal of experience in handling Family Law trials and complex litigation, including filing Petitions, Interrogatories, Requests for Production of Records, Forensic Accountant issues for parties hiding assets, Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements, Child Family Investigators, Mediation and all other matters pertaining to family law. LEE | LAW is equipped and ready to fight for you in your family matter. 


LEE | LAW began helping families with end-of-life decisions over a decade ago, back in law school at the University of Denver Wills Lab. Since then, LEE | LAW has helped many families plan for the unexpected including Wills, Living Wills, Medical & Durable Power of Attorney, Trusts,  Probate & Estate complex litigation and appellate work, amongst other Estate & Planning issues. 


LEE | LAW has helped small business owners navigate complex government regulations and the requirements for compliance for SNAP Retailers and Daycare providers.  Attorney Lee understands the importance of avoiding a violation, which could result in loss of license, civil and criminal penalties, rather than waiting for a violation to occur and then reacting.  The best practice for small business owners is to make sure they are compliant with training, policies, standards, protocols, and procedures prior to having to defend against any alleged violation for failure to comply.

Attorneys at L E E | LAW passionately practice many areas of law. From Family Law to Criminal Defense,  our firm will fight to meet your legal needs. 

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